Rochester Eco-Tri
Adventure Races 
Adventure Tri - 10k Run - 5K Run
Saturday, July 29, 2017
Registration & Fees
    Race Fees  (Non-Refundable.  All Proceeds go towards Camp Victory's Scholarship Fund).


 Rochester Eco Tri 2017

By May 1st $55.00
By June 1st $60.00
By July 1st $70.00
After July 1st $80.00
By May 1st $95.00
By June 1st              $105.00 
By July 1st $115.00
After July 1st $125.00
The Rochester Eco Tri team option provides a great race even though you don't want to or can't do all three elements yourself.  The team option is RELAY STYLE and involves a team of 2 or 3 racers each taking an element. 

For instance; A three person team would have one person kayak, another then mountain bike, and then the last person run and finish.  A two person team would be similar except one person would do two of the three elements.  

The transition corral becomes the "tag" point for your team.

 5K & 10K Trail Race 2017

By June 1st $25.00
By July 1st $30.00
After July 1st $35.00


Camp Victory is an ALCOHOL FREE ZONE.

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